Alex R. Research Paper 2; Section 2

Abstract: Music is more than just a progression of notes. It is a way of expression where the artists can tells the listener a story. The story can take many forms whether it is in the music itself, the lyrics, or the interpretation through dance to the music. Joe Budden is an artist who lays out his life experiences, both good and bad, in the lyrics to his songs. He delves into the intimate details of his life and the lives of those around him. He lays out his “relationships quarrels, demons, and drug addictions” as he says in his song “I Might Need More Than 16 Tho” and by exploring these subjects we can see his relationship with power. By looking at the lyrics from multiple songs off his EP “Some Love Lost,” Budden shows how his situation, growing up as an African American man, in a low income neighborhood has impacted his relationship with people and things associated with power. Power in his lyrics can take many different forms such as society, fame, money, and a very impactful piece where he talks to God.

Research paper 2

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  • November 30, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    I thought song lyrics were such a cool thing to look at to see power dynamics! Granted I don’t know this artist or any of these songs, I found it interesting that his struggles and hardships were so heart wrenching through the lyrics. A thought that I had while reading this was that people who engage in riots or violent protests may feel many of the same things, but Joe Budden uses music to let out his angers and frustrations with the system and his situation. Music and lyrics are a very logical way to deal with one’s problems and kind of make sense of it all. In this way, he is being heard by thousands of people, rather than just trying to be heard by the government or police (by rioting).

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