Janaye Evans Section 2 – A Look into Bullying in NJ

Through the use of a video essay and textual support, harassment, intimidation, and bullying is viewed through the lenses of the media and a close knit community.  The focus being on an New Jersey high school, Sayreville War Memorial, and the football team scandal that defined their community for the year of 2014.  A hazing ritual was exposed and then swiftly put out with the work of a new Anti-Bullying Law and administrators who care about their schools image and their students well-being.



One thought on “Janaye Evans Section 2 – A Look into Bullying in NJ

  • October 18, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Janaye, I think the rout you chose to convey your research was done very well and made for a really interesting project. I was very surprised by how effective the law was and that it was executed well enough to have measurable results like low suicide rates. It’s encouraging to see a community desire to make change and to not only be proactive in making that change, but also have enough followthrough. I’m interested to see what type of backlash there was (if any). I would assume that a movement like this definitely received some haters. Thanks for sharing this, especially because of its happy ending, I’m encouraged that efforts to make environments better on the community level might actually work.

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