For your 2nd research project – PLEASE READ THIS

Hiya folks!

I’m about done working through your research papers, and what strikes me is (a) how much work you all have put into these interesting, creative projects; and (b) how much work I am putting into reading and thinking through your interesting, creative projects.

This is more work on BOTH ends than I’d intended.

So I have an option to suggest for you for research project 2.

Go make your community better. Choose what you mean by “community,” what you mean by “better.” But do it in such a way that acknowledges or impacts the distribution of power in that community. (Ah! There’s the catch! Because you have to think through how your type of community engagement is related to issues of power in the community!) When you are done, write up 3-4 paragraphs on what you did, why you chose that option, and how it did/did not work to have an impact on your community, distribution of power within it. **I would like to also encourage you to work with a partner or a group – because we’ve seen that collective action tends to have more impact than individual actions – but this is just a suggestion.

Your alternative – and this may appeal to some of you!! – is to keep research project #2 as previously assigned.

I welcome feedback – we can talk about this anytime.


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