UMW Sexual Assault Policy

UMW has made a lot of changes to its sexual assault and misconduct policy since 2013. I first examine the student handbook from the 2013-14 school year and how it used harsher language and made it seem like the only reason the policy existed was to cover a law, specifically mentioning Title IX and the requirement to have a policy. The next school year’s policy would be revised to use less harsh language and indicated that sexual misconduct had no place at UMW. While the improvements were made, there was still more to be done. I used two articles, one from the Blue and Gray talking about President Hurley’s meeting with students and staff to try to improve the policy by gaining imput, and one from MS. Magazine about the Title IX suit with FUC and how the school failed to address concerns about gender discrimination. I would then transtion to discuss the current policy, how it is extensive in its length and detail, and how improvements were clearly made in terms of sexual misconduct as well as gender discrimination. I then discuss the Talley Center and the YES IS THE KEY CAMPAIGN and how their activity has helped raise awareness on campus and create change.

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Lauren Wood: Community Engagement: Student Athletes Getting Involved Around The Community

Being a member of the University of Mary Washington varsity swim team, I have the opportunity to participate in numerous and varied community service events around Fredericksburg. Some of these service events included free swim clinics for local children who cannot afford lessons, shoe drives, and the Adopt A Child Program. These programs help out the less fortunate in Fredericksburg. It is hard to believe the staggering amount of poverty that is in the local area of Fredericksburg. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be involved in a free swim clinic with the Stafford Junction organization. This particular event helped me to realize the necessity of community service in our own community. After participating in the free swim clinic community service event I then decided to take a closer look into student athletics and how they participate in community engagement. I have acquired many new experiences with these community service projects, and with each new service experience, my patience and compassion for others has grown exponentially. Experiences such as this are both life changing and character building in many ways.  Here is the rest of my paper. Research Paper 1