Rachael Harvey, Section 01 – Kutz Camp Community & Empowerment (cont’d)


This paper is a continuation of my previous research. My first research project discusses the URJ Kutz Camp and how its staff members are able to empower themselves and the participants of camp to facilitate change, implement leadership, and much much more. The staff community is quite powerful in terms of the roles summer camp plays, and I further analyzed what being in the staff community really means for those members. This paper looks at the participants of the Kutz Camp, and how this community is also capable of holding significant power in the Reform Jewish world. The participant community gains skills and knowledge provided by the staff to facilitate their own aspects of social capital, including civic engagement. Further research has been done explaining how purpose-driven camps provide long-term effects and skills needed later on in life. The most prime time for this curriculum to take place is during the adolescent years. The participant community at the Kutz Camp carries its own power created through their time at camp itself as well as way beyond the end of the session. These participants are the next leaders of the Reform Jewish movement, and their building of civic engagement as well as their strive for change is what creates true meaning in the Reform Jewish world.

CP Research Paper 2

3 thoughts on “Rachael Harvey, Section 01 – Kutz Camp Community & Empowerment (cont’d)

  • November 29, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    I find it incredibly fascinating that the structure of power has little to do with the hierarchy of the camp. I think the way that the camp is set up without the power hierarchy allows for the participants to take on leadership roles and learn how to become leaders. These skills will help post-camp and will help the participants understand power outside of the camp. This is great for the community because the camp creates better leaders and even those in positions of authority learn how to use their power to help teach the participants about power.

  • November 30, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    After listening to your presentation today, I decided to read your research paper in order read more in depth about your analysis of Kutz and how it impacts the Jews that participate in the camp. I like that you were able to actually able to collect data in order to support your argument. I found your argument interesting as well, as Caroline stated above, it was unique how you focused on how Kutz progresses and empowers the reformed Jewish movement. It was great how you were able to personally experience this positive community environment that enhances and promotes civic engagement.

    Rachael Sturgis

  • December 8, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    I really enjoyed your presentation and paper on participant involvement in the Kutz Camp Community. I felt this paper did a wonderful job of combining scholarly journal articles and participant interviews. The questions you asked participants made them truly reflect and think about how camp has influenced and will continue to influence their lives. As stated above your personal connection and passion for this topic really showed, I enjoyed reading and learning more about how Kutz empowers not just campers but as shown in your previous paper, the staff. It shows that camp is more than just a summer time experience, camp and its influence can and may impact the rest of an individuals life.

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