Research Project 1

A community is made up of many different power relations and there are many factors that go into how these relationships work with each other. Privatization of public space in a community can have a considerable effect on the power relations between the citizens and the local government as well as big business owners. Privatization can also impact the local government and city relationship of power when a local government uses privatization for their personal agenda or needs. Public housing can help or hurt citizens’ ability to have power in their city as well as give more power to the local government. Gender is also greatly affected by the privatization of public space. Through these effects of privatization the power among local governments, as in who has the most power, can change. Privatization of public space can impact the power dynamics of a community, government relationship. Research #1 (lit. Review)

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  • October 19, 2015 at 12:59 am

    Your paper does a great job examining the power that privatization can hold on a community. Gated communities, country clubs, and public housing are all excellent examples of how residents in a community can use the tool of privatization to shift power levels and take control.

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