Listening to the Homeless

I had begun this exploration of song hoping to find that music is explaining the structural forces at play within the cycle of poverty and a growing homeless population though what I found was more emphasis on defining homelessness and how it affects different people on different levels. Throughout this paper I identify perspective, tempo, word choice (e.g. Hobo, Bum, Homeless), and the overall message in each of the songs. The songs I chose include: Even Flow by Pearl Jam,  Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins, Hobo’s Lullaby by Arlo Guthrie, Homeless by Charlie Wilson, Homeless by Guy Clark, Man on the corner by Genesis, Living in New York City by Robin Thicke, Streets of London by Blackmore,  Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne, and Underwear goes inside the pants by Lazyboy. My goal was to explore various genres through various years. Read the full text here.

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