Elisa Tedesco- IDIS400- What to Do With RFK Stadium?

Over the next few years, there will be a decision made on what will happen to RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Right now, the Major League Soccer team, DC United, occupies the space, but they are moving to a new stadium in upcoming years, leaving many disputes over what will happen to the 50-plus year old stadium in honor of Robert F. Kennedy. There are two sides to the disputes. On one end, the residents of surrounding areas want to demolish the stadium and turn the space into something more usable for the rest of the community. On the other end, the Mayor and other authority figures are more interested in luring the Washington Redskins back to the stadium. This research focuses on the dynamics between them, the efforts of the residents, and who ultimately has the power in the decision making process.

RFK Stadium and the People Involved with the Redevelopment

2 thoughts on “Elisa Tedesco- IDIS400- What to Do With RFK Stadium?

  • October 18, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    I grew up going to DC United games with my family, even back then we all knew the stadium was old and inside you can see how old it is. I mean some sections move when there are too many people on them, that is not supposed to happen to stadium seats! The parking lot and stadium are huge and this could give a lot of power to the community! I think I the community should have a say in what it gets turned into. I know the area around RFK is not the best but building a community sports complex would be awesome! They already have soccer fields, they have some parking lots, and then the rest they can destroy a rebuild. It is also next to the metro station so that would give kids in DC a better chance to go there also. I think you did a great job at getting both sides of the argument! Not only did you look at the community and government power but they also looked at the arguments that both sides had. This is a very important issue and could really hurt or help the community. Great research and writing, I really enjoyed how you wrote this!

  • October 20, 2015 at 2:45 am

    I really enjoyed your paper, I believe the redevelopment process which may eventually take place on the RFK site is intriguing! I feel as though public opinion should be taken into consideration. I know the land is owned by the government, but that does not mean the community shouldn’t have a say. The impact of the Redskins moving to the site would negatively impact the local economy and community. You did a wonderful job of including all parties involved and stating the power structure of this redevelopment process.

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