Doggone Crazy: The Media’s Influence on Breed Specific Legislature

Research Project One, Attempt 2

This paper was inspired by my dog, Zeus, who is the greatest dog or human ever to roam this earth, and who happens to be a Pit Bull. In this paper I examine how Pit Bulls are unfairly portrayed by the media as unstable and violent dogs, and I link this to our emerging breed specific legislature. I examine the sharp contrast between how the media portrays public opinion of Pits (everyone hates them) to the actual public opinion of Pits (less than half of people dislike them), and conclude with a warning about the possible path were headed down, as well as some encouragement to get involved in local politics.

One thought on “Doggone Crazy: The Media’s Influence on Breed Specific Legislature

  • October 20, 2015 at 12:03 am

    This topic is a curve ball but it’s an interesting approach with this assignment; good call picking something you’re passionate about. It sounds like you’ve applied course material to something you could really dig into, nice job B-)

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