What should we read about UMW?

Hiya folks! I need your help – as always. We will shortly be heading into our UMW-focused section of the course. And I am not sure what we should be reading & talking about.


Please reply – you can comment on this post, you can add a new post, it’s all good – let’s put it in the CP bulletin board (so click that category when you post, or just comment on this one…).

When you reply, would you opine on:

-topics you find important for us to think about

-documents you think we should read (it’s ok if you don’t know this!! But if you do, holler and help us all)

I’d suggest the Strategic Plan, maybe. And I can find/post a copy of that. We could consider lots of other plans or reports or articles in the Blue & Grey Press or the Free Lance Star; or maybe you think we should think about stuff that is posted online somewhere; or we should read flyers on bulletin boards or what has been written on the rock – I DON’T KNOW. Think about it, and help steer this ship.




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