Good day, intrepid Community Power students!


Section1 : for Friday we will be exploring the materials in the students/admin/protests section – including the Title IX complaint.

Section2: We will be looking at the policies clump of materials – to include strategic plan, alternative course model, etc.

In both cases, our goal is to explore who is making decisions, what their interests are, whose voices are being heard. So, we will talk about the content of these documents, sure, but we are doing so with the end goal of talking about the forces that shape these documents. We will also talk about what consequences/responses arise from these documents, events and experiences.

Holler with questions.


What should we read about UMW?

Hiya folks! I need your help – as always. We will shortly be heading into our UMW-focused section of the course. And I am not sure what we should be reading & talking about.


Please reply – you can comment on this post, you can add a new post, it’s all good – let’s put it in the CP bulletin board (so click that category when you post, or just comment on this one…).

When you reply, would you opine on:

-topics you find important for us to think about

-documents you think we should read (it’s ok if you don’t know this!! But if you do, holler and help us all)

I’d suggest the Strategic Plan, maybe. And I can find/post a copy of that. We could consider lots of other plans or reports or articles in the Blue & Grey Press or the Free Lance Star; or maybe you think we should think about stuff that is posted online somewhere; or we should read flyers on bulletin boards or what has been written on the rock – I DON’T KNOW. Think about it, and help steer this ship.




South Park Episode Focuses On Gentrification

I’m not sure how many of y’all watch South Park, but the newest episode actually centered around the gentrification of the poor and run down part of South Park’s city. I think the episode actually does a really good job of explaining and giving an example of what gentrification is/how it affects a community (while also adding some comedy to it as well). I understand that South Park in the past does push their jokes a little too far and can be borderline offensive. However, it seems that the show is going for a new theme of becoming more “PC” in order to appeal to their viewers. I’m posting the link to the episode below and embedding the “advertisement” of the new swanky additions to the South Park community. Let me know how y’all think this adds to what we have talked about in class. Also, do you think it’s cool for the South Park writers to become more “PC,” yet do it in a comedic way? Or do you think it delegitimizes these important issues?