Research rubrics available for pick-up, section 2

Hi folks!

I’ve been asked about returning feedback/grades on research 2.

-these are ready for pick-up now for people in section 2 (because your comments on blog posts were due at noon today). These comments aren’t due until Friday for section 1. People who have completed these comments in section 1, your rubrics are ready for pick up as well.

-all will be in an envelope in front of my office.


Hope you all are well.



“Late” reaction 3 papers???

Hey y’all – I talked to a couple of people after class on Wednesday who were surprised to see I’d marked your papers “late.” But WAIT! You said, you’d posted on 11/23. But blog showed 11/24.

Stupid blog didn’t fall back when the time changed.

So if you submitted ON TIME but I marked you late, come show me your rubric, and I’ll add your points back.



Thanks for raising the issue, y’all!



research presentation feedback

Hi folks – I will be making research presentation grades/feedback available on a rolling basis. I have a manila envelope outside my door, your name will be on a piece of paper with info on it. Feel free to take it!

In other words – feedback is ready for people who presented yesterday.

Have a great holiday, all.



(migrating older info from CP playlist)

Ben Harper – Better Way

Michael Franti and Spearhead: Hey World

For some reason, this song runs through my head when we talk about machines, and the somewhat self-righteous reaction against them: (the lyric “some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen.”) Woody Guthrie – Pretty Boy Floyd

On graffiti and urban policing: Michelle Shocked, Graffiti Limbo. About the actual killing of a graffiti artist in NYC in the 1980s.

From Lorna:

Imagine – John Lennon
Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues

From Dominique:

In class, we spoke about growth machines that produce wealth for those in power by encouraging real estate development at the taxpayers’ expense. Similarly, the machine in this song is the music industry, producing wealth for the already affluent mainstream sellouts, at the expense of the creativity and originality of growth for the musicians they sponsor. I immediately thought about this song when we started reading Ferman’s book and each time we spoke about growth machines. Hope you enjoy 🙂

“Welcome to the Machine”–Pink Floyd

my reply: Dominique – that reminded me of THIS song, referencing the same sort of machine, but in a Smiths-y sort of way:

From Michael:

Seeing that we’re on the subject of “non-routine” collective action, I wanted to share a song that fits with the theme of this section of the course.

It’s called “I’m Against the Government” by a band called Defiance, Ohio. idk how you guys embedded links in text on this section so I’m not going to fool with it

From Rachael S:

Big Yellow Taxi- Counting Crows

From Julia:

Common, John Legend – <a href=”” title=”Glory” rel=”nofollow”>
Pete Seeger – <a href=”” title=”We Shall Overcome” rel=”nofollow”>
The Specials – <a href=”” title=”Nelson Mandela” rel=”nofollow”>
Arabian Knightz ft. Lauryn Hill – <a href=”” title=”Rebel” rel=”nofollow”>
Madeline Davis – <a href=”” title=”Stonewall Nation” rel=”nofollow”>


And then lots and lots of songs.

So this is the post I put on facebook last night:

It’s been pretty unrelentingly rough in my community power class for a couple of weeks. (That’s what happens when studying riots, police brutality, other forms of structural and interpersonal violence), soooo I need to play them some good songs of fighting the good fight and social justice and winning. I’ll surely include “all you fascists” by billy bragg, but what else???

Here are the many responses:

“I fought the Law” by the Clash and the Dead Kennedys

Public Enemy “Fight the Power” (many votes, including this “Spike Lee version” which uses some civil rights movement footage as a counterpoint) And “911 is a Joke

–also Fight the Power by Isley brothers

Patti Smith “People Have the Power

Elvis Costello “(Whats so Funny About) Peace Love and Understanding

Bob Dylan “The Times They are a Changing

Gil Scott-Heron “The Revolution will Not Be Televised

Nina Simone – “Mississippi Goddam

Sweet Honey in the Rock: “Our Side Won,” and  “Ella’s Song

Rage Against the Machine: “Killing in the Name

CSNY: “Carry on” and “Ohio

La Santa Cecilia – “ICE El Hielo

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – “Hypocrisy of the Greatest Luxury” and “Television, Drug of the Nation

Revolution by Arrested Development, or the Beatles

Michael Franti – “Yell Fire!

We Shall Not be Moved – here by Mavis Staples

Lupe Fiasco – “The End of the World” (Occupy)

Red Leo & the Pharmacists – “CIA

Stereolab – “With Friends Like These

Sam Cooke – “Change is Gonna Come

Curtis Mayfield – “People Get Ready” — or by Eva Cassidy

John Lennon – “Imagine

Wu-Tang Clan – “A Better Tomorrow

“Redemption Song” by Bob Marley, ably covered by Joe Strummer

Free Nelson Mandela” by the Specials (Julia posted this early in the semester, too)

Jacob George “Soldier’s Heart




















Podcasts, police

Hey y’all, I mentioned this yesterday, so –

Here’s a two-part podcast from This American Life on policing & Black communities.

*the prologue of this one is one of the stories I was thinking of when we talked about police responses to calls for assistance from Black communities.

*Act 2 (An Inconvenient Store) tells an incredible story about police harassment of one person, repeatedly, as part of a policy, and the impacts on his life.

There’s another one I’m looking for – I’ll add it if I find it.


Readings and such for next Wed., Fri

Hi folks-

Here are some articles, a brief news podcast and a clip from PBS. I am still looking, if I find something else wonderful, I’ll ask you to read/watch/listen to it.

What I find FASCINATING is that I’m looking for work examining outcomes/consequences of rioting, and that is not prominent discourse in the U.S. We want to explain WHY, but not look through the end results, or the next stage.

In the meantime, you could work through these QUICKLY – plan on them for Wednesday,maybe into Friday…

  1. HuffPo piece:
  2. NYT:
  3. NPR:
  4. PBS:

Important updates, folks.

  1. REACTION PAPERS: If you’ve not gotten grades back for papers you HAVE loaded onto the blog, then in all likelihood you didn’t categorize them appropriately. No worries! Please email me and let me know if you are missing grades, and I can find the relevant paper and get it graded. Fair?
  2. PRESENTATIONS ON RESEARCH: BOTH classes have opted to complete presentations on research projects BEFORE the final exam period. Next week I will pass around sign-up sheets so that you each know when you will be presenting. Please remember that you can choose to present on your first research project, or on your second research project, or on your efforts to improve the community. (Having trouble remembering the “improve the community” option? It’s an announcement, but I will re-post it shortly, so you can find it more easily.)
  3. Keep an eye on this space by Sunday – I have some more “TBA readings.” So you’ll reach ch 8 of Abu-Lughod for tomorrow (Friday), the Jobard article here on the blog for Monday – and then I will post additional readings for Wednesday & Friday.




reading for this week (11/9-11/13)

Hi people,

Here’s what I’d like us all to read for class this week, all from Abu-Lughod:

Monday: through ch 5 (the NY chapters)

Wed: ch 7 (LA, 1992)

Fri: Ch 8 (theory/comparison chapters)

For the empirical chapters, get a sense of the narrative (what happened, etc.); but also keep your eyes on how do we explain riots, and how to explain NOT riots. I am still v interested in responses and outcomes of riots – not sure our material gets us there yet…