UMW topics & readings

Hi folks – Your discussion leaders for Wednesday MAY post separately, asking you to focus on particular elements. That is great! But I wanted to get a basic structure of topics out here. I will revise this post between now & Wednesday to reflect the specifics of what I learn from discussion leaders. The divisions I’m making here between different topic is almost arbitrary: I can see clear connections across them. Don’t obsess, please, on what falls into what category.

Topic 1: University Policies

A. Alcohol policy: Here

Score card for our drug policy from advocacy org: Here 

B. Alternative course model – ReportofAdHocTaskForce.

Results of faculty straw poll on this model: here.

C. Strategic Plan: here
Topic 2: Student Protest // Student-Administration Relations

Articles on protests from last year & the Title IX complaint:


Topic 3: Money – Budget Issues

Here’s a presentation on UMW budget/fees:

Here’s a long list of publicly available budget documents – scan at your interest:

News reports on latest tuition increases:

This is delightful public info on giving to UMW:

ALSO: stuff on meal plans – what could we read about meal plans? Feel free to post suggestions in comments.

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