Important updates, folks.

  1. REACTION PAPERS: If you’ve not gotten grades back for papers you HAVE loaded onto the blog, then in all likelihood you didn’t categorize them appropriately. No worries! Please email me and let me know if you are missing grades, and I can find the relevant paper and get it graded. Fair?
  2. PRESENTATIONS ON RESEARCH: BOTH classes have opted to complete presentations on research projects BEFORE the final exam period. Next week I will pass around sign-up sheets so that you each know when you will be presenting. Please remember that you can choose to present on your first research project, or on your second research project, or on your efforts to improve the community. (Having trouble remembering the “improve the community” option? It’s an announcement, but I will re-post it shortly, so you can find it more easily.)
  3. Keep an eye on this space by Sunday – I have some more “TBA readings.” So you’ll reach ch 8 of Abu-Lughod for tomorrow (Friday), the Jobard article here on the blog for Monday – and then I will post additional readings for Wednesday & Friday.




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