Embedding your paper in a post.

Folks, I’ve gotten some questions about how to do this.

First: Don’t fret. If I can figure it out, it is not hard. (I don’t understand Instagram – trust me, if I can do it – you can.)

Second: All you will do is make new post (as you’ve done before), make sure you click the “research project 1” category on the right. Paste your ABSTRACT in the text box for the blog post, as always.

To embed: You will upload your document using the “ADD MEDIA” button that is above the text box. This will enable you to select a file to upload. (So, don’t copy & paste into this text box, upload your document.) My experience is that this works best if you type the name of the paper you will be uploading – like I will here, linking to a paper I’ve written – whose file name is “proofs C&C“. Then highlight the title/name of document/whatever text you want us to CLICK to access your paper. NOW “ADD MEDIA.”


Separate issue: I get an email every time there’s a post to the blog. Do you? I hope so, because I need you all to check the blog for announcements regularly. I’ve now created a page for announcements, and will tag my posts so they are gathered there. Please check!

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